"Something very special is going to happen in this city and it will have Harvey Milk's name on it."

– Harry Britt, on the evening of November 27, 1978


In the spring of 2017, the Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza, in collaboration with SFMTA’s accessibility and elevator improvement project, launched a design competition to reimagine Harvey Milk Plaza as a reimagined public gathering space that truly honors Harvey Milk and the LGBT civil rights movement.

The competition asked design teams to reimagine Harvey Milk Plaza into a public gathering space that honors Harvey Milk in a way which:

1.    Inspires generations of visitors to come to the Castro, learn about Harvey Milk and be inspired by his vision of hope and civil rights.

2.    Allows for public gathering for protests and celebrations.

3.    Is a high-quality design with an interpretive element that transforms Harvey Milk Plaza into a truly unique and important San Francisco destination.

4.    Is a well-functioning urban transit center.

5.    Takes into account the new MTA elevator and MTA’s accessibility project.

Additonally, entrants were asked to review and respond to the details gleaned from community meetings to influence and inspire their solutions.

Initial funding of $500,000 from an anonymous donor supported the design competition and will support subsequent plaza development. Additional fundraising efforts are underway to secure the additional $10 million USD required for full funding of design, construction, and maintenance of the plaza. Anyone interested is invited to sign-up to receive regular project updates and to donate to the fundraising effort to build the New Harvey Milk Plaza.


Congratulations to Team Perkins Eastman, selected as the winner of the competition to reimagine Harvey Milk Plaza!



with ARUP, Propp + Guerin, Lightswitch SF, Inc., artist Cybele Lyle

Design Team Statement:

The new Harvey Milk Plaza is a place that allows for and encourages political activism, community interactions, and the unfiltered display of self. A stepping and ramping amphitheater, set within a field of candles, transforms the corner of Castro and Market into a soapbox, not just for one, but for many. 


GROUNDWORKS Office TEAM - finalist

with Gray Area Art + Technology, LINEOFFICE Architecture, Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, and artist Jim Hodges
Design Team Statement:
Change is needed here and NOW! With a complete reorganization of the Muni Station, our design lifts the plaza towards street level, creating an inspiring, vibrant and heroic public space, one fitting of Harvey Milk and the Castro. Our memorial for Harvey captures his dynamism and selfless energy, reflective of him as a person, and symbolic of the people he represented.



with RHAA Landscape Architects and artist Catherine Wagner

Design Team Statement:
arvey Milk Place is a welcoming door to the city’s historic Castro District and a destination to learn about the life (and times) of Harvey Milk. This public space is defined by a ribbon of visual content that traverses the street, plaza and pathways to Castro, Market and beyond.