Reimagining Harvey Milk Plaza: A Design Competition

In January 2017, FHMP hosted two community meetings to gauge interest in reimagining Harvey Milk Plaza. The overwhelming sentiment expressed in those meetings confirmed the decades of conversation that Harvey Milk Plaza should adequately reflect the contributions of Harvey Milk to the LGBT civil rights movement. As a result of these community meetings, FHMP sponsored an international design competition whereby the input gathered at the community meetings defined the requirements for the competition brief. FHMP received 33 submissions – you can view all the submissions here and, in some cases, do a deeper dive using the links below.

Competition Submissions

"River of Light"
MIA LEHRER + ASSOCIATES (San Francisco, California) + 
Ned Kahn Studios + EndreStudio +
Sherwood Design Engineers + MJM Management Group

"One Milk One Plaza"
Groundworks (Berkeley, California) +
LINEOFFICE Architecture

"The Soapbox"
Office Mian Ye (New York, New York) +
Megan Pfeffer Design

"Castro's Stoop: A Soapbox for Many"
Perkins Eastman (San Francisco, California)

"Between Colors"
Pita & Bloom (Los Angeles, California)

"For Harvey and You and You and You"
Team of individuals (San Francisco, California): Byron Hawley + Reuel Daniels +
Sehgyung Kang + Rebecca Fleischer

"An Invitation for Diverse Activity to Promote Community, Resilience and Sustainability"
Castro Urbanist (San Francisco, California)

"Every Closet Door"
SPECTACLE Bureau for Architecture and Urbanism (Calgary, Canada)

"Light, Hope and Memory"
Karin Payson Architecture and Design (San Francisco, California) +
Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture

"Hope Will Never Be Silent"
Schwartz and Architecture (San Francisco, California)

"Harvey Milk Station"
Team of individuals: Darren Sears + P.J. Cherrin + Richard Sinkoff (San Francisco, California)

Spiegel Aihara Workshop (San Francisco, California)

"Lift Up"
April Philips Design Works (San Rafael, California) + 
Studio Winterich + HLB Lighting

"Out of the Closet and Into the Light" 
Jerry Kler Architects (Sausalito, California) +
Chris Pomodoro Design

"Connecting Communities"
Urban Building Workshop (San Francisco, California) + HKIT

"Soapbox Circus"
White Arkitekter AB (Gothenburg, Sweden)

"BE HEARD: Harvey Milk Giant Megaphone Plaza"
HED Architects (San Francisco, California)

"We Are All Harvey Milk"
Individual: Gyanendra Singh (El Cerrito, California)

"Hope Is Never Silent"
TS Studio (San Francisco, California) + 

"Emergent Topography: A Process of Becoming"
Síol (San Francisco, California) +
ARUP + Habitat Horticulture + Charles M. Salter Associates + 3 Fish Studios

"Voices of the Castro"
Lorena Giacoman + GL Planning & Design (San Francisco, California)

"The Harvey Milk Amphitheater" 
Carla Imon Pedtke Architect LLC (Evanston, Illinois)

"The Future of Harvey Milk Plaza"
Mark Foster Gage Architects (New York, New York) +
Yale School of Architecture

"Rise Above" 
SCB (Oakland, California)

"A Space of Reflection and Inspiration"
Team of Individuals: Matthew Shew + Yong Uk Kim + Kevin Lee (San Leandro, California)

"Harvey Milk Plaza"
Polytech Associates (San Francisco, California)

"A Place to Come Out"
Dialogue Design (Vancouver, British Columbia)

"The Land of Hope and Inclusiveness"
AiQiu Art Inc. (Sutton, West Virginia) +
Diamond Schmitt Architects

"Remembering Harvey Milk"
Zeterre Landscape Architecture (San Francisco, California)

"Hope Will Never Be Silent"
HA Architecture (Austin, Texas)

"Pop Art Milk"
Spoke Space (Houston, Texas)

"Harvey Milk Place"
Kuth Ranieri Architects (San Francisco, California) +
RHAA Landscape Architecture + Planning + Catherine Wagner

"Outdoor Urban Living Room"
Office of Mayor, City of Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama)